What Do Business Leaders Think of Social Media?

It’s important to know what CEO’s and other business leaders think of social media. Getting to know their concerns about using social media as a part of their online marketing campaign, and understanding what kind of information they are looking forward to can give us a fairly good idea of the social media climate in the business world. A recently conducted survey by SmartBrief revealed interesting results which I’d like to share with you.

Familiarity: On being questioned on how familiar business leaders were with social media, 75% of them said that they had a fairly good idea of social media. Many among this group also admitted that they were actively involved in getting to learn more about social media.

Usage of social media: 51% respondents said that they are using social media and its various tools actively in their business. Around 30% of business leaders said that they were either testing social media platforms or considering using them. However, 27% are still reluctant to use social media for their businesses.

Reliability: 63% people find social media to be genuine and think that it’s here to stay, while the rest feel that it’s just a marketing fad. More than half are of the opinion that it’s not a waste of their company’s time and resources.

While discussing about the implications of business leaders ignoring the social realm, 40% of them felt that they were lagging behind their competitors who are also using social media. A quarter of the respondents admitted that they were oblivious of what their competitors were up to on social media.

We can conclude that businesses are showing a lot of interest in social media marketing and that they do believe in the potential of social networking for their company.

Article to Reference: SmartBrief stats: How business leaders view social media

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Joe Soto

Joe Soto

Joe Soto is the CEO of One Social Media. A leading expert in social media marketing, Joe has over 16 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, online lead generation, and Internet marketing.

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