Tips to Tweet Right

This one’s for the newcomers on Twitter and those who need some advice on how to do some meaningful tweeting.  First and foremost you need to remember – be real, be yourself, and use a tone of conversation you would have others use with you. If you can remember and put this to use, you are on the right track.

1.    Depending on the kind of followers you want to target, share information that is new, fresh, and offered from a fresh perspective.

2.    Interact with people by responding to their tweets. You might comment on a bit of information shared by someone either by providing additional information, replying to a question, or by expressing your view on the topic.

3.    Respond to Direct Messages or @mentions. Apart from spam, make it a point to reply to messages sent to you. When someone mentions you or retweets your post, acknowledge it. Thank your new followers and do all of the above mentioned in a  sincere, authentic voice.

4.    Get your new followers to know more about you and ask them about themselves too. Some people may use a Twitter client to respond to new followers while some may do  it directly through Twitter. Whatever the case, you need to add a personal touch by expressing interest in your followers. Only then will they show interest in you and pay heed to what you have to say.

5.    Follow live events on Twitter with a hashtag (#tag). You will find several people using hashtags and following events; if the event is of your interest join the bandwagon after introducing yourself. This is a great way to make new contacts among people sharing your interests. You can follow up with these people even after the event.

6.    Ask questions on Twitter. This is probably one of the best ways to find niche followers and build your network. You will be surprised at the kind of ideas, leads, and insights you can receive by tweeting wisely.

Twitter is a very powerful social media platform which can work wonders for your brand or business if it is used optimally.

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Joe Soto

Joe Soto

Joe Soto is the CEO of One Social Media. A leading expert in social media marketing, Joe has over 16 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, online lead generation, and Internet marketing.

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