Getting Weird With Seth Godin

I recently read a powerful book called “We Are All Weird” by best-selling author and marketing legend Seth Godin. Seth wrote this book as a manifesto for marketers around the globe, to commit to forgetting about “the mass” and to start focusing on “the weird”. In this book, Seth talks about some of the big changes to our society that have shifted us away from being “normal”, including the increased number of “rich” people who can choose to do whatever they want. He also talks about what that means for the world of marketing and media.

I was going to write out what I thought were some of the most interesting points from the book and do my best to explain them to you but…

I interviewed Seth Godin instead!

Watch the video below to get insight into some of the key concepts and ideas from the book as well as some more in depth explanations from Seth himself.


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Mike Bal

Mike Bal

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