Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Using Twitter for business

If you do any kind of online marketing for your business, then there is a high chance that you are using Twitter for at least sending out new updates about your products and services. That is fine, but if you are noticing a steady decline in the number of followers you get, then maybe it is time to look closer at your business account. There are many mistakes that people make while using Twitter, some of which can quickly shorten your list of followers. Here are 3 major mistakes that you should always avoid when using Twitter for business purposes:

Keeping your profile incomplete

Seriously, there is no excuse for making this mistake. Completing a profile on Twitter takes just about 10 minutes, including uploading a photo. If you are getting antsy about uploading your mugshot, go for any image, but please do not keep the box blank. When anyone is genuinely interested in your tweets, he (or she) might actually come looking into your profile. What impression will you be creating in his (or her) mind then?

Putting up direct sales pitches in your profile

You may tweet all day about your great new eBook showing how to become a millionaire in 24 hours, but please leave your profile page alone. A customized background is great, but please leave any sales pitches out of this page. Fill in a couple of lines about your company, however. It would act as an icebreaker for someone interested in your tweets.

Automated tweeting

Tweeting at regular intervals with Hootsuite or Socialoomph is fine, but do not post automatically generated messages in your account all day. This is one of the reasons for which you may lose a gazillion followers in a week. Always use proper messages in your tweets, and do not attach a link to your wonder products with every tweet.

Twitter can be a great online marketing tool, and with proper usage can indeed boost your business revenues by a good extent. Be sensible in your usage of this social media platform, and you will reap its benefit to the fullest.

Joe Soto

Joe Soto

Joe Soto is the CEO of One Social Media. A leading expert in social media marketing, Joe has over 16 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, online lead generation, and Internet marketing.

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