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This is the big week. The week that Facebook actually goes public and their stock actually goes on sale. For $38 bucks you can own a piece of Facebook. Having said that, everyone in our office abstained for the moment being. No real reason other than that we don’t really know anything about the stock market.

The Links:

  • Twitter is trying to get into the email world by offering a weekly digest called the “Best of Twitter”. It will take the most shared and relevant stories from the folks you follow. Will you be trying it out? (click here)
  • A growing number of communities will start fining for “texting and walking”. But what if I’m tweeting and walking? (click here)
  • This is a fascinating (and long) article on how Yahoo killed off Flickr by focusing on the wrong things. For a period, it was the dominate photo-sharing site on the web, but was quickly overtaken by the likes of Facebook and now Instagram. They missed a gigantic opportunity. (click here)
  • A few studies are coming out showing the ineffectiveness of Facebook ads. Apparently 44% of Facebook users will never click on an ad. My issue with the study: 56% of 800 million is A LOT of people. There are many companies, including some of our clients, that have great success with Facebook ads. (click here)
  • And we can’t forget the video of the week! If you get easily queasy, you probably shouldn’t watch. This is an intense video of a guy mountain biking down 1,000 stairs on the side of a mountain. Pretty crazy!

Can’t see the video? Click here.
What did you read this week? Send us your favorite stories on Facebook and Twitter!

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Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy is a blog-reading, report-writing project manager. In his spare time he enjoys reading a good thriller, drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and spending time with his wife.

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