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This was a week that marketers and businesses had been waiting for since that day back in December when Facebook announced profiles being redesigned into Timelines. The social behemoth finally gave branded business pages the ability to convert over to Timeline as well. It is optional until March 30th, at which point all pages will be converted automatically.

Google was also in the news this week with some unflattering headlines, so let’s dive in.

The Links:

  • As you can imagine, we’ve already read quite a few articles on Facebook Timeline for businesses and what it means. In my opinion, TechCrunch has about the best round-up of all the changes. They are ALL important, so pay attention. (Click here)
  • Google’s new privacy policy took effect, sharing user’s data across all their web services. Personal Soap Box: I don’t see it as a huge deal. Your internet service provider has all your data as well. So does your mobile company. It’s not like they are looking up your personal information to steal your life. They use generic statistics to sell ads, just like advertisers have been doing forever. (Click here)
  • Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm for sponsored stories, an unwitting Iowa man became a pitch man for… uh .. lube. In large quantities. (Click here)
  • Two airlines are letting passengers share social profiles and choose seat mates. You can sit next to the middle-aged businessman and get some career counseling, or next to the chatty older woman who is eager to hear your life story. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. (Click here)
  • Check out this very cool infographic detailing the history of social media going all the way back to 1978. Included: GeoCities, AIM, and Live Journal. Neato. (Click here)
  • In honor of Leap Day (and my birthday), here is a little educational video that will tell why, in fact, we need Leap Day to keep the days and seasons aligned. It’s quite fascinating, really.

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Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy Anderberg

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