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It was Grammy’s week, which always creates a lot of buzz in the social world. Even more so this year because of the unfortunate passing of legend Whitney Houston. It also happened to be Valentine’s Week, which of course led to multiple slightly ridiculous, if not creative, digital proposals.

The Links:

  • Twitter continues to prove itself as an effective source for breaking news. The network got wind of Whitney Houston’s death almost a full half hour before the major press outlets. (Click here)
  • MySpace (What?! That’s still around?) gained one million new users in the past month. Justin Timberlake is transforming the formerly defunct network into a space for music, boasting nearly three times more songs in its catalog than Spotify. (Click here)
  • Newt Gingrich is boasting a subscribe-able Facebook Timeline page. Rumors are abounding about Timeline coming to pages in the next month or so, and Gingrich appears to have been given a test account. (Click here)
  • Digital proposals: via an inforgraphic (click here) and via Words With Friends (click here).
  • As a journalism major in college, I appreciate this piece about about some friends creating a new font in hopes of revitalizing the creative community in Chattanooga. (Click here)
  • This video gets more amazing the further on it gets. It’ll be worth your time to watch the whole thing. Then, when you’re done watching, try to do what she did and realize how amazing it is.

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Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy is a blog-reading, report-writing project manager. In his spare time he enjoys reading a good thriller, drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and spending time with his wife.

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