Friday Clicks [Volume 12] | The Best of the Social Web

Is it Friday already? I don’t know about you, but this week has flown by. Not a whole lot going on in the social sphere this week, so I figured we’d have a little bit of fun, and not be entirely newsy about it.

  • Samuel Adams did something really cool and crowd-sourced a new beer. Unfortunately, the voting period is over, but Facebook fans were given the chance to vote on flavors, colors, aromas, etc. As a lover of craft beer, this was awesome to see. (Click here)
  • The most watched uStream channel of all time is back on air – and it’s right here in our lovely home state of Iowa. Welcome back Decorah Eagles! (Click here)
  • Numbers, numbers, numbers. LinkedIn reached 150 million users recently, up 20 million from just November. And Facebook supposedly will hit 1 billion in August. Remember, a million isn’t cool, a billion is cool. Guess Facebook is cool. (Click here and here)
  • Some folks are claiming that Google+is in fact competition for Facebook because it has a higher adoption rate at this stage in the game. I disagree for two reasons: 1) Every new Google account created is automatically given a G+ account. Cheating. 2) Facebook, remember, was a closed and private network for it’s first few years. (Click here)
  • You can now gauge who your most valuable Twitter follower is. This new web app is quite cool and was featured in Mashable last week, so it darn near broke the site. It is now, however, back up and running. (Click here)
  • For your Friday laugh, watch the video below. Where will you sheet?

Did we miss anything? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy Anderberg

Jeremy is a blog-reading, report-writing project manager. In his spare time he enjoys reading a good thriller, drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and spending time with his wife.

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